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Class Uniform

With the experience of being in the textile industry for many years, we have been producing hospital textiles, nurse and doctor clothes for 10 years. As a direct manufacturer, we provide service in an area of 1000 Mt² in the BEGOS Organized Industrial Zone in the Buca district of Izmir.

We employ more than 30 employees along with our professional team. We have the equipment to respond to your demands as soon as possible with our cutting table longer than 20 MT, marker drawing machines that will maximize efficiency, sawmills and latest model sewing machines.

Our average monthly production volume is 25000 units and we sell the products we produce wholesale and retail.

We sell online, primarily through Trendyol, in the domestic market.

In the foreign market, we currently ship to Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Georgia. We have the organization to ship all over the world.

Why U.S?

In addition to the experience we have gained in the sector for many years, the experience of working with large textile companies keeps us one step ahead of other uniform manufacturers.

There are also dozens of different models belonging to our company. With these models, we are always one step ahead of other companies.

Class Uniform and uniform models are registered products.

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